I bought ‘Fed Up’ in around 2005 when my daughters were 7 and 10 – we were living in the UK at the time and I was between marriages.  My eldest was pretty much OK (I thought) but the youngest had always been a bit more tricky – she was grumpy and inflexible.  We were pretty strict with the elimination diet and all three of us did it.  Within less than a week it was like someone had returned two beautiful daughters to me – they were chatty , happy, positive and life was good.  I was struck by how it proved that adding sugar to food does not cause bad behaviour – as youngest could add as much sugar to her weatabix as she liked and it had no effect – one mouthful of cocoa pops were enough to send the eldest into tears and the youngest back to her former behaviour.  You have to remember this was 10 years ago though now – so my memory is a little faded.  Ketchup was a big deal in our family – and still raises its ugly head sometimes.  I know that one trial we did (with the cocoa pops) led to the girls asking me to throw the food out though – as they felt really weird.  I really wish we could all go back on the diet sometimes – but it’s not so easy with teenagers.  I may try again though – one way or another.

My working life has been devoted to plant chemistry – I specialise in the things in plants which make them coloured, flavoured and bioactive.  Mostly the phytonutrients.  I have never been, and never will be, a believer that fruit is an essential part of our diet.  In our family it is a treat.  Vegetables are where it’s at.  There is very little unique to fruit – whereas vegetables are our only dietary sources of:

•         Cysteine Sulphoxides (Allium family – onions)
•         Glucosinolates (brassicas)
•         Polyacetylenes (carrots, parsnip)

And are a very rich source of fibre (soluble and insoluble), folate, nitrates (which reduce blood pressure), vitamins and minerals.  Plus flavonoids, anthocyanins, carotenoids, chlorophyll, betalains.  You name it. Eat more vegies!  www.veggycation.com.au  - Dr Hazel MacTavish-West