Natural colours (home-made)

Blend some chopped cabbage leaf with water. The cabbage colours can be stabilised by microwaving to hot but still taste of cabbage. Cabbage juice and saffron are permitted. Beetroot juice is easy to use but has an earthy taste. Beetroots contain some salicylates so there could be salicylate problems in extra-sensitive children.

Purple: red cabbage juice

Blue: dilute red cabbage juice with extra water

Deep blue: red cabbage juice with sodium bicarbonate

Pale blue: cabbage juice with sodium bicarbonate

Bright red: red cabbage juice with pinch citric acid

Pink: beetroot juice, or cabbage juice with citric acid

Yellow: saffron

cupcakes thanks to Dana of facebook group for this photo

birthday01 see story [1113] and thanks to Claire

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