Somali style vegetable topping (V)

A failsafer wrote 'I've been struggling to get veggies into my kids lately, having struck a fussy phase, and suddenly everything's yukky. Well I remembered the curries my Somali friend makes, and they are so sweet due to the way she cook the vegetables. So I've tried it and it's been a bit of a breakthrough.'

Mixed grated or finely diced vegetables (your choice from the low salicylate list, e.g. potatoes, swedes, choko, celery, shallots, leek, cabbage, with some moderates if tolerated e.g. carrots, sweet potato, butternut pumpkin, beetroot, asparagus, snow peas - moderate sals) and green peas (moderate glutamates)

Failsafe cooking oil, e.g. canola

Fry grated vegetables long and slow in an uncovered frying pan on a very low heat with plenty of oil. I say slow, it may take ½ to ¾ hour. Strangely the bits don't break up, they just get amazingly tasty, and it goes into a sort of soft sauce. So far I've used it to make a great lasagne, fill pies, on pizza, and on pasta. The oil takes on the juices from the veg and so it's fine cold, even though there's quite a bit of oil in it - thanks to Jan

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