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Here are some great kids paying tribute to the cover of the Failsafe Cookbook – thanks Jodie!

Our 100th Failsafe Newsletter is just out!! After 28 years we are counting wins – reduced use of artificial colours, many cooking oils that are now free of BHA (320), many yoghurts and other foods that are free of annatto colouring (160b), and in supermarkets there are a few breads that are free of propionate preservatives (both as calcium propionate 282 or the clean label version “cultured” or “fermented” anything such as cultured dextrose, fermented wheat flour, cultured sugar).

Research is finally catching up to what we have been saying for over 28 years - see our blog Harm from bread preservative confirmed and more about autism and insomnia.

There are two fascinating reader questions, about epilepsy and prostatitis/urinary issues in both men and women.

ALL of the reader stories are worth reading. Here are a few from [1604] - Sharing the positives facebook thread – and so many people say they have lost weight, like Nicola!

“my daughter is becoming more calm and herself again"
"our sanity might just be saved (what's left of it emojiUPSIDEDOWNSMILEemojiQUIZZICALSMILE)
"we are all eating a lot healthier and it has been a huge wake up call to go through and see just how much CRAP is in our everyday foods"
"we are all feeling better for it emojiHEARTS” - Jasmine
“No mood swing roller coaster for my son, who now checks labels himself and chooses to avoid triggers because he recognises how awful they make him feel…” -   Rebecca
“My aches and pains have stopped… Haven't had an asthma attack in 10 weeks (been fs for 12 weeks). I sleep!!!!! and only need 6-7 hours… I have energy. I've lost 11kgs“ - emojiHEART  Nicola

Thanks to Emily for the before-and-after photos in story [1602] Eczema: Looking back 2 years, showing “First before we started failsafe diet, 3yo and battling daily asthma and eczema head to toe”.

1601A   1601B

Now read on...and stay safe - Sue Dengate

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