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Here are some great kids paying tribute to the cover of the Failsafe Cookbook – thanks Jodie!

Failsafe Newsletter 102 headlines an important WARNING about HIDDEN ADDITIVES. Many consumers still don't realise that innocent-sounding names can now be used instead of additive numbers, as this failsafer from New Zealand wrote:

"We are very aware that preservative 282 is the worst of all additives so I'm very grateful for your heads-up...Sure enough, cultured dextrose is listed on the Gluten Free bread that we have been having this week ... and the loaves we normally buy!!!" - Linda from story [1623]

As usual, the reader stories are so interesting. My favourite this time:

"After 5 weeks strict elimination...he was a totally different child - calm, relaxed, focused, went straight to sleep and slept for nearly 12 hours, easy to reason with, increased self control"- Jacqui [1613]

And there are some fascinating facebook threads:

  • longterm food intolerance - "I suffered for 40 years before I discovered my intolerances, my health seems to have reversed...now no drugs at all" - Kath [1622]
  • nose bleeds due to amines - "My nose bleeds have finally stopped ...My ENT has been trying to work out the cause for years!"- Pam [1615]
  • feedback - "...through my daughter's journey i also learned about my own issues with amines and it has made an incredible difference to my quality of life" - Silv [1618]

Don't forget: Sue Dengate's famous presentation "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" is now available to view for free (1hr 12mins)

Cooks' corner: Failsafe maple chicken stir fry - and more, from the Failsafe Table


As always, thanks to everyone for support and sharing, and special mention to Rona, Teresa and Tracey for their help with recipes, facebook and story collections.

Now read on - Sue Dengate

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